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Daniel Zefferino. President of NBD Leather and leather expert for over 25 years. Daniel started in the leather business supplying the Dal Masso Group (once the largest tannery conglomerate in the world) in Italy with leather hides from Uruguay, Argentina, and South America in the 90’s. Daniel has owned and operated NBD Leather in Canada for over 12 years and has supplied some of the largest upholstery manufacturers in North America such as Decor Rest, Campio, Ferretti Interiors, and Direct Home Upholstery.


Very few suppliers will continuously work with you to achieve the best possible outcome, this is what we pride ourselves on, this is our value. We provide a full customer service solution to your leather needs.

Rodrigo Zefferino. Marketing, and sales. I may be young but I am not green when it comes to leather. I remember my dad taking me to the tanneries around 5am when I was just a boy. I will never forget the experiences, the smell, and long hours waiting for my dad to OK the batches of leather. Every hide inspected, stamped. We still do this today, 20 years later.I love this business, it is something that keeps me engaged, I love making things with leather, this is where the idea for handmade leather bags came in. I wanted something different, we saw all these cookie cutter designs with plain leather, we decided to do something different. All of our bags are made with our own leather, developed over 20 years for the upholstery industry. Our signature article “Stress” has that vintage aged look and feel.

In conclusion, we love what we do, we are a family business who has been doing this for two decades and we are not stopping any time soon. Take a look around our website, call us, email us, we would love to hear from you.


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