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When shopping for leather messenger bags you want a reliable product that lasts. Consumers have two basic options when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. You can settle for a bag that has been made in China from inferior materials, or you can purchase a bag that is constructed of high quality. A leather messenger bag that is built to last. Let’s review what the difference is between those two options and what we offer in our leather messenger bag line. They are 100% handmade in Canada with top quality materials.

Quality counts

We take great pains to ensure your product is going to hold up over time. There is nothing worse than buying a messenger bag just to have it break a few months later. You want a product that is rugged enough to withstand daily use yet fashionable at the same time. Our bags are made with top grain and full grain leather, the two highest qualities you will find to find in leather made products.


If you are searching for a handmade leather messenger bag, choose the best you can afford. Spending a little extra now will prevent you from buying another bag in a few months. A bag made with quality construction and premium full grain leather will last you a very, very long time. It’s not going to have a strap break or split allowing your contents to scatter everywhere. This is the type of quality (or lack thereof) that you will get when purchasing messenger bag made in China. A quality leather bag will last your years, perhaps even for the rest of your life if you take good care of it.

Why leather?

Any product made of natural leather is quite frankly an attractive piece. Leather also has the unique trait of constantly changing its appearance as a result of use. A leather messenger bag will quickly become a reflection of your personality. From exposure to the sun, to everyday handling, a natural handmade bag acquires a unique look that is simply a reflection of you. A well-worn leather bag speaks of a sophistication that simply cannot be faked.

What is the difference?

The easiest way to make certain you are purchasing a product made with top-grain or full-grain leather is to purchase your leather messenger bag from a small niche reputable company. It’s not always easy to tell the difference between real leather and a synthetic leather product from China. Most people find it challenging to distinguish between the two. Here are a few ways to spot the difference between actual leather products and knockoffs from China which are usually made of synthetic leather.

· Price: Real leather is usually more expensive than synthetic leather. The reason for this are the processes leather must go through before becoming the end-product. The skin, which is taken from animals, must be salted, preserved, and ensured that the hides do not carry disease.

· Burning/Smell: Real leather has a smell of leather while synthetic leather smells of plastic. If you tear a small piece of the product off and burn it, you will quickly know.

· Edges: If you can find a spot on the product where an edge is exposed you can spot a difference. Synthetic leather has a perfect, sharp edge. Real top grain leather has a rough-cut look to it.

· Touch: Synthetic leather will stretch more than real leather. Real leather also feels a bit more coarse to the touch. Additionally, if it feels very smooth or feels like plastic, it’s a synthetic leather.

In conclusion, when you are in the market for a new leather messenger bag, do not settle for second best. Choose a bag that is constructed of quality top grain and full grain leather. Look for a bag that is 100% handmade designation shows that the product has been carefully made by craftsmen that have a skill set and a passion for making the best product possible.

The additional cost will pay off in the end. You will have a leather messenger bag that will last for years to come. Your genuine leather bag will become an extension of you. Through its lifespan, your bag will reflect your personality and determination to succeed. Try our 100% handmade leather bags manufactured in Canada. We proudly make everyone of high-quality natural top grain and full grain leather.


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